Is it a good time to invest in oil?

If you are asking that question you may find this article a bit disconcerting.

IEA slashes forecast for oil demand – again
Agency sees global demand declining by 2.4 million barrels per day in 2009 amid recession.

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Stocks to watch 06-04-09

  • Edenor: shares rising by more than 50% over the past three months. Investors can follow stocks with the Argentina and Electric Utilities tags over in CAPS, where Edenor, though down by nearly 70% over the past year, is one of the top-rated stocks in both categories.
  • Valmont Industries: Water, water everywhere — but we need some way to make the most of it. Step into Valmont Industries, which along with competitor Lindsay (NYSE: LNN) controls more than two-thirds of the market for efficient irrigation equipment, according to BusinessWeek.

Bank stocks to watch (05-07-09)

PNC Financial Services Group Inc: +5.06

Goldman Sachs Group Inc: +4.02

State Street Corp: +3.92

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s Weekend Notes

Here are some note/bulletpoints from the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder’s weekend

  • Buffett is in favor of buying Wells Fargo
  • Warren Buffett says Berkshire Hathaway is not interested in buying newspapers in the United States “at any price.” He says the changing media environment now means newspapers “have the possibility of unending losses” and he does not “see anything on the horizon that causes that erosion to end.
  • Warren Buffett revealed the company had “got a chance to buy some corporate bonds very, very cheaply a few months back.”
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Investing in Tech – Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft may not be recession-proof but it turned in a strong performance in a year most companies would like to forget.

Profits jumped 25.7% to $17.7 billion on revenues of $60.4 billion as the software giant offset declining sales of its Windows operating system with increased revenues from its server and tools software products.

Current Stocks to watch

Abbott Laboratories (ABT:) Abbott Laboratories is expected to report first-quarter earnings of 70 cents a share, according to analysts surveyed by FactSet Research.

Progressive Corp. (PGR:) is forecast to post earnings of 41 cents a share in the first quarter, according to analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters.
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How to invest during times of recession

You may ask yourself, how can one invest in a time like this? Is it worth the risk with the market at a downturn without no forseable resolution in the horizon? One of the answers that a conservative investor will tell you is that to invest in low risk stocks. Enclosed in this category are utility stocks.
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3 Quick Tips for a better portfolio

1. Better mix of investments. Try to raise that bond stake for safety, and boost foreign-equity exposure for growth.

2. Simplify. Reduce holdings to 10 funds and roll over old 401(k)s from prior jobs into a Roth IRA to make portfolio easier to manage.

3. Invest in index funds. Sell actively managed funds in their taxable account, harvest tax losses, and move to low-cost exchange-traded funds.

Basics in investing

There are many misconceptions in investing; whether in stocks or bonds or in building an investment portfolio in general. Carl Richards at Behavior Gap has an interesting article in getrichslowly.org

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Succeed in Investing: A short How-To

1. Allocating Assets
If your portfolio is geared toward stocks it is more likely to have a long-term return of investment. It will also mean you’ll have a dynamic flactuation of your assets. Instead consider a short-term high gain investment.
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