Succeed in Investing: A short How-To

1. Allocating Assets
If your portfolio is geared toward stocks it is more likely to have a long-term return of investment. It will also mean you’ll have a dynamic flactuation of your assets. Instead consider a short-term high gain investment.
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Current Stocks to watch

Abbott Laboratories (ABT:) Abbott Laboratories is expected to report first-quarter earnings of 70 cents a share, according to analysts surveyed by FactSet Research.

Progressive Corp. (PGR:) is forecast to post earnings of 41 cents a share in the first quarter, according to analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters.
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Still thinking of investing in oil?

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — Oil ended just shy of $50 a barrel Thursday as investors weighed a glut in supply amid dour sentiment about the economy. Crude oil for June delivery added 77 cents to finish the day at $49.62 a barrel.
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Six Traits to avoid in order to become a better investor

Overcome the Six Obstacles
Knowing how to manage risk is one of the prerequisites of financial literacy. Once you’ve fulfilled all the prerequisites and become fully literate, does financial freedom follow? Not necessarily. Certain personal obstacles can prevent even the most financially literate from developing abundant wealth. Continue reading Six Traits to avoid in order to become a better investor

Colonial BancGroup Inc. – biggest bank failure for 2009

Colonial BancGroup Inc. has become the largest bank failure this year as the 2009 toll of financial institutions approaches 80. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation seized the struggling Alabama-based lender Friday and sold it to BB&T Corp. Late Friday, the FDIC announced four other banks had been closed: Community Bank of Nevada and its Arizona subsidiary, Community Bank of Arizona; Union Bank, Gilbert, Ariz; and Dwelling House Savings and Loan Association, Pittsburgh. The Colonial BancGroup deal will knock roughly $2.8 billion off a pool of money, known as the Deposit Insurance Fund, which the FDIC maintains to guarantee bank customer deposits.

Low-Quality stocks with high gains

For the past three months, small stocks were the big story. Small-cap funds gained 21.5% on average in the quarter, led by small value’s 22.2% rise. Standouts included Aegis Value Fund /quotes/comstock/10r!avalx (AVALX 6.82, -0.23, -3.26%) , up 48.5%, and Wasatch Micro Cap Value Fund /quotes/comstock/10r!wamvx (WAMVX 1.72, -0.05, -2.82%) , up 40%.

Large- and midcap offerings followed with their own strong showings.

Large-cap funds collectively added 16.2%, with large-blend and large-value each up 16.4% and large-growth up 15.6%. Among the top performers were the hardest-hit funds of 2008, such as Vanguard Capital Value Fund /quotes/comstock/10r!vcvlx (VCVLX 6.62, -0.18, -2.65%) , up 39.1%, Yacktman Focused Fund /quotes/comstock/10r!yaffx (YAFFX 12.59, -0.36, -2.78%) , up 36.9%, Legg Mason Value Trust /quotes/comstock/10r!lmvtx (LMVTX 28.64, -1.05, -3.54%) , gaining 29.4%, and Longleaf Partners Fund /quotes/comstock/10r!llpfx (LLPFX 18.90, -0.52, -2.68%) , rising 26.6%.
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Top performing stocks you should invest in

Dollar Tree

A newcomer to the Fortune 500, Dollar Tree was also its best performing stock last year, returning nearly 61%. That was no small feat: As a group, the Fortune 500 sank 41%. The company cashed in on the recession, as a $1 (or less) price on everything from candy to glassware drove sales at more than 3,500 stores.

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Best Asian Stocks

This will be a very quick post. I am trying to see how fast I can churn out a quick 300 to 400 word post entry on Finance. Let’s see how fast I can do it.

Apparently, these days, stocks are getting to be a bad investment. This is true if you’ve put most of your money in stocks that are traded in the United States. This is because the market is not realyl very optimistic. People try to be optimistic because that is the culture that has been ingrained into this great country but in reality, you have party pooper economists who still think that the economy is about to crash again into a double dip recession or depression. Double-dip is the catch phrase of the moment and it is seriously starting to annoy me. Financial reports are starting to annoy me. Companies are reporting big profits and growth but a lot of those profits are coming from cost cutting. When you cut costs, you cut jobs and you cut consumption. You are taking money away from the market. This is seriously wrong and I don’t know what anyone can do to fix this. Even if I type up seventy words per minute, that will only mean I can take only 5 minutes to make a 350 word articleat full thoroughput. Ironic. Therefore, if I were to invest in stocks right now, I will think that I will be prudent to move the stocks to Asia. That’s right folks. The money is moving east to the countries with huge domestic markets, optimistic consumers, and people who are driving exports. This is the new world order. Asia is coming out. The best stocks are Asian stocks. People are getting rich overnight it’s insane. So people if you ask me, do what you should do and take your money out of Wall Street where profit is the bottom line. Move out of your parents’ house and got to Asia. The money is there. The people are there.

The first world order is going to be gone in a while. People don’t like to work there. Asian stocks powered by Asian workers who work 60 hours a week will be the new powerhouse. There is no such thing as rewarding laziness here.

Permanent Portfolio Fund – A Secure Mutual Fund

NEW YORK (Fortune) — Very few of the esoteric funds touted during the last boom protected investors from the severe downdraft of 2008, but some stumbled far less than others.
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High Performing Stocks

Amazon.com (AMZN  83.00, -0.03, -0.04%) ended relationships with online affiliates in Rhode Island to avoid a new sales tax law in that state, The Wall Street Journal reported on its Web site. Recently, Rhode Island passed a law requiring companies to collect a sales tax on products sold through online-marketing affiliates. On Friday, Amazon reportedly ended affiliate programs in North Carolina as that state was seeking to adopt a similar tax

Apollo Group Inc. (APOL 69.35, +3.36, +5.09%) said that its fiscal third-quarter profit rose to $201.1 million, or $1.26 a share, from $139.1 million, or 85 cents a share, in the year-ago period. Revenue increased to $1.05 billion from $835.2 million last year. Analysts surveyed by FactSet Research estimated a quarterly profit of $1.12 a share on revenue of $1.04 billion.

Dell Inc. (DELL 13.87, +0.01, +0.07%) is reportedly developing a pocket-sized electronic device for accessing the Internet. The Wall Street Journal said that Dell is creating the device to run on Google Inc.’s Android software, which is currently used by T-Mobile in mobile phones and is expected to become widely deployed in other devices. The Dell device is said to be slightly larger that Apple Inc.’s /quotes/comstock/15*!aapl/quotes/nls/aapl (AAPL 141.90, -0.07, -0.05%) iPod touch and could go on sale in the second half of the year.

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