ACS Student Loan – A definition

Students looking for options on how to ease college costs by financial aid may benefit from an ACS Student Loan. What really constitutes an ACS Student Loan? In this post I hope to shed a little bit of information regarding this type of loan.

ACS Student Loan Background

The Affiliated Computer Services, Inc or ACS is a company that specializes in  outsourcing the technology and solutions.

According to an ACS press release:

“The Education Services business of ACS provides outsourcing solutions to more than 1,000 colleges and universities, many of the largest lenders and secondary markets in the country, and over 8.7 million borrowers with outstanding loans totaling more than $101.4 billion. ACS is the primary contractor for the Department of Education’s Direct Loan Program.”

The process goes through what is called called business process outsourcing.  It means that the US government has awarded ACS with a contract to administer a portion of their federal student loan.

More on this topic on the next posts.

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