How to profit from your passion

1. Redeploying your passion in a hungrier market. Do what you love in an area where there’s high demand.

2. Refocusing and mining the most lucrative micro-markets. Sometimes the solution is to narrow your market, to focus on doing something valuable for a select group of people.

3. Exploiting gaps in the information needed to excel at an activity. Fields argues that one way to succeed at doing what you love is to provide information that nobody else offers, or to offer it in a way that others don’t.

4. Exploiting gaps in education. Beyond just providing information, some people can profit by directly teaching others.

5. Exploiting gaps in gear or merchandise. Using this path, you turn your passion into a product. You “build a better mousetrap”, so to speak.

6. Exploiting gaps in community. People value networks, and if you’re the first or best to create one devoted to your subject, you can become the leader in the field. Fields mentions Ladies Who Launch as an example of taking a passion for community-building and it into a career.

7. Exploiting gaps in the way a pursuit is provided. The final path is to make it easier for people to do what you love (and what they love).

Source: Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love

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