Mortgage Refinance Tips

If you have a mortgage and you would like to refinance it, here is a list of simple tips to help you go through the refinance process.

The credit score that you have will be pulled out when you start the application process for a mortgage refinance. You will need to submit documentation to support your application and you will probably be asked for more documents as you move towards closing the application process.
1. Get your documents ready. By being prepared, you are able to close your application process at just the right time, such as when rates hit a low.

2. Make sure your credit rating is in good shape.  Simple charges such as a late fee can pull down your credit score. Using credit reports to fix problems with your credit as soon as possible.


3. It doesn’t make sense to hope for an economic downturn.  Rates could fall some more, or could rise just a bit. But remember, these days, rates are very good so don’t wait for another collapse to make your move.

4. Pick a rate early. Know what rate makes sense for you early so you know what rate you should decide to refinance your loan so you know if it is worth it, financially.

5. Waiting for rates to move down further can backfire on you if the market suddenly swings up. Stick to your decision. If you have made your choice to refinance, make your move on it.

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