Things are looking up in the US Market

Things are looking up and very optimistic lately. The US economy still soudns depressed and people’s portfolios are also looking the same. However, companies are making money and hopefully, when they make money, they will decide to hire people. These people who are desperate for a job are the best workers since they are eager to impress and they will work long and well to get there. At the same time, they may also accept a pay cut. Maybe it’s time for America to get back into it’s feet. We’re extremely well educated and at the same time we are focused on high tech. We will get there. We will definitely get there. In the mean time, what do we do? What are the best stocks out there? What are the best investments? Does anyone have a suggestion? What’s the best bet these days? What is the best thing that we can do? Portfolios are sunk. Is there a better way to make money while we’re at it?

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