BP Stocks

Shares of BP recovered over the past week. At least, BP shares recovered from 52-week oil spill low (as well as a new 14-year low) that was touched on Friday, June 25, when fears spiked that Hurricane Alex would shut down BP’s oil spill containment effort.

By far the largest block of survey votes pinned an acceptable “buy” BP value at $25, with 28% of survey respondents saying that if BP hit that mark, it would signal the time to place a long bet.

Many potential BP buyers, has even lower expectations for the stock. Approximately 17% of survey respondents said they would buy BP at $20. Another 19% of survey takers indicated that BP shares would have to dip below $20 before they became interested in the stock.

Lurking beneath all of the reluctance to step up and take a bet on BP is the view demonstrated by 17% of survey takers: hurricane fears might be overblown, these votes said, but when it comes to BP, hurricanes or no hurricanes, the stock is ultimately headed for bankruptcy.

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